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for Brass, Copper, Steel & Silver. 3 Easy Steps-Cleans, Protects and Provides a dazzling shine.


About this item

  • 3 Easy Cleaning Steps-Cleans, Protects and Provides a dazzling shine to your Materials
  • Best Quality Metal Shampoo, Easy application.
  • Suitable for brass, copper, steel, silver, tiles, artecrafts. Safe to use on any household antiques to add extra brilliant shine
  • Can be used to clean & polish the Pooja idols/ vessels / atrefacts in brass, bronze, copper steel & silver.
  • Usage Instructions: a). First wash the product with plain water.
  • b).Take 15 ml of Calidad Metal Shampoo in a dish and soak the steel wool / steel scrubber in it.
  • c). Apply it over the material to be cleaned and rub it gently till foam is produced.
  • d). After finishing the cleaning, rinse the material with fresh water thoroughly until the foam is completely removed.
  • e). Dry it with clean cloth your material will be shining like never before.
  • f ). Burned color of food, stains on tiles, black color lining seen on silver jewelry etc., can be easily removed in the same manner.


Item Form




Surface Recommendation

Brass, Copper, Steel, Silver, Tiles

Item Volume

200 Millilitres

Net Quantity

200.0 milliliter

Item Weight

200 Gram

CALIDAD Metal Shampoo-200 ML

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