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for Front load and Top loading Washing Machines, Dishwashers



About this item

  • Keeping your washing machine and clothes clean is an important hygiene factor to consider when trying to fight bacteria.
  • Calidad Descale formula will reach hidden areas of the machine which will remove lime scale deposits. this will help to stop bad odors, and leave a lasting freshness in the machine..
  • Calidad Descaling Powder gets rid of lime scale deposits in washing machine and appliances. this reduces corrosive action of deposits and helps to reduce power consumed for heating.
  • Calidad Descaling Powder improves washing power of detergents. and better drainage from the drum which helps to improve wash quality.
  • Calidad Descaling Powder stops damage to the machine due to scale deposits and hence reduce repair cost.
  • Calidad Descaling Powder can also be used for treating scale deposits in other appliances such as coffee-maker, electric kettle, steam iron and shower heads.
  • Use Calidad washing machine Descaling Powder every month to clean your machine.
  • Directions for Use: Use Half pack with every usage i.e. 100gm, Use once in a month for optimum performance of your washing machine. pour the powder 100gm in detergent tray. Fill the machine 3/4th with water. Do not add cloths. With the door closed, start the machine,-
  • -Keep the temperature preferably at 45 to 50 C, Run the machine for 15 min and drain out the water, Rinse the machine with the fresh water with a little detergent powder(without cloths)by running it for 10 minutes, Drain the water. The Machine is now ready for use.
  • Calidad Descaling Powder works best at a water temperature of 40 Celsius, Please use the Hot Wash Cycle, In case its available.

CALIDAD Multi Use Descaling Powder-200 Grams

₹423.53 Regular Price
₹381.18Sale Price
  • India

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